Final Days, FB website and article ideas

The Fergus Bannon website is pretty much complete and features the complete text of Judgement along with a couple of stories and articles published in places like Interzone. I need to get round to writing another BSC review/article sometime soon, once I've figured out what to write about. Right now, in my head, it's roughly a choice between a look at the past ten years (dead original, I know) or ... Hawkwind. A band I like a great deal, and one I suspect many North Americans - who constitute the vast majority of BSCReview.com's readers - don't know about. Oh hell, I'll do both.

I'm a bit over twenty thousands words into Final Days at the moment, rolling along. Trying to discipline myself by timing how long I actually write each day, which is producing some interesting results.

Edit: Silly me, I completely forgot to mention. I asked two other writers to contribute to Fergus's website and write a piece each about him - one is by Jim Steel, a name familiar to readers of Interzone magazine, and the other is by that other esteemed member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writer's Circle, Hal Duncan. Both pieces, along with a few words by me, are up there at www.fergusbannon.blogspot.com.

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