New Directions in Blogging

(Hands up if you're old and nerdy enough to get the reference of that blog post title)

I haven't blogged for a while, which is usually the part where a writer says 'and I probably won't be again', but that wouldn't be true: I am indeed still blogging, but the rapidly shifting nature of publishing in the face of radical technological change means the changes they are a'coming.

These days, you will find my blogging primarily in two places: in my Patreon and in my newsletter.

I post regularly to my Patreon, which of course is for people who are willing to contribute financially towards my writing. In return, I try and give them things. Advance digital copies of forthcoming books to check out, deleted scenes, and even all the chapters from whatever I'm working on, posted at regular intervals.

At the moment, I'm posting up chapters from a draft of DOOMSDAY GAME, the sequel to EXTINCTION GAME and SURVIVAL GAME. It doesn't cost much to get access: about a dollar per month, if I recall. And in return, you're increasing the amount of time I can afford to spend on writing rather than other stuff to keep a roof over my head.

I haven't really made use of my newsletter yet, even though I have several hundred people signed up to my mailing list. So I'm shifting a large part of my blogging activities there. Every month or two months, I'll try and put together an email blast of news and other stuff, and also, for the sake of extra value, interviews when and as I can get them with other writers.

I just sent out a newsletter earlier today. If you don't want to miss the next one, which is intended to feature a bright new star on the UK publishing scene, you should sign up. And of course, you get to download an ebook copy of my novelette Scienceville.

In terms of what I'm working on other than Doomsday Game, all I'll say for now is that I've got various projects up in the air while I wait to see what way they fall. Sign up to the mailing list for more details.