Thousand Emperors out

That's The Thousand Emperors finally published in hardback. Final Days is also out in paperback, and may I say it's very classy-looking too. Technically the publication date is 7 June, but of course you can get them already. The Kindle editions will of course only become available on that date.

It's worth mentioning again that even though Thousand Emperors is technically a sequel to Final Days, the connection between the two is fairly tenuous. Thousand Emperors is set some centuries after the events in Final Days, but it's designed so it can be read as a standalone - which is one reason why it doesn't mention anything on the cover about it being a sequel.

I'm thinking it's high time I actually built myself a proper website. I have a domain name, garygibson.net, which only points to this blog. I haven't been updating the blog that much - at the moment you're more likely to find me on Twitter- so I thought the best thing to do was come up with a website with static elements (information about me, my books, contact details and so forth), along with automatically updating elements such as Twitter and this blog. Before that happens, I need to find myself a good, attractive and easy to update template.

I'd like to write more on the blog, but the fact I haven't been doing so much here is a reflection of how much busier I've become in my writing otherwise, which is of course a good thing. If anyone knows of good sources for reasonably professional templates that incorporate Web 2.0 elements along with static pages, let me know.