Huckster alert: Extinction Game part of UK Kindle's special monthly deal for just £1.49

Time for some serious hucksterism round these parts: I just learned that the Kindle edition of Extinction Game, my most recently published work, is just £1.49 as part of Amazon's regular monthly deals and special offers. It's already rising higher in the ranking than it has been for a few weeks, and you can boost it even further! If you don't have it already, of course. But in that case, if you liked the book and want to persuade someone to read it, send them the link to this post.

The nice thing is I don't lose out because of the lower price; Amazon are obligated to pay the full amount to my publishers for each sale, regardless of discounts like this one (or so I've been informed). I think that came out of one of the publisher/Amazon wars a few years back. So it's win-win all round. And yes, Amazon are evil, but so are Domino's Pizza (funded religious anti-choice groups, given to religious extremism), Wetherspoons (UK pub chain whose owner frequently rails in in-house publications against the existence of public libraries on the basis they're a waste of money), Burger King (employ nearly all their staff on zero-hours contracts) and, really, the list goes on and on. So there's only one answer: death to capitalism! Or, possibly, give up cheap beer, pizza and burgers.

In the meantime, you might as well find a good book to read while you're manning the barricades, and Extinction Game isn't lacking in perilous post-apocalyptic scenarios much like the post-climate change wastelands we're sure to be roaming in wild cannibal packs just a few decades from now. So get clicking!