That's got to be the most intense period of writing I've ever gone through. Finishing River of Light, followed by a couple of complete redrafts that were done on Friday. I wrote until five in the morning late Thursday, then up again for five or six hours on Friday before reaching the end. It's been a rare evening over the past three or four weeks that saw me getting to bed before dawn.

It's not all done; I have to format the final manuscript, sort out chapter headers, all that sort of thing. But it is, essentially, complete (apart from the editorial comments, the requests for possible changes, things that maybe don't add up, then the sentence by sentence corrections, then the proofreading, then...you get the idea).

It's also why I haven't been blogging so much, but that's also because it's hard to think of anything original or novel to say these days outside of, say, 'finished the book', 'starting the book', 'taking a break from the book' and so forth. Unlike when I started this blog, back in 2003, before I even had my first book deal, the world is now filled with excitingly in-depth blog articles by people who are either being paid to do it or clearly have a great deal of spare time on their hands.

I tend these days to express myself a tad more on Twitter (@garygibsonsf), particularly because it takes a lot less effort. The blog will continue, of course, but I'm tempted to port over to Wordpress and incorporate it into more of a general portal page. As soon as I can figure Wordpress out, if ever.