Here's the cover copy for Marauder, formerly known as River of Light, due out next summer:

Megan has a mission.
But must she sacrifice herself to save our worlds?

Pilot Megan Jacinth has three goals, and they all seem unattainable. She must find her friend Bash, who she’d left for dead to save her own life. Then she needs Bash’s unique skill-set to locate an ancient space-faring entity. Lastly she must use this Marauder’s knowledge to save human-occupied worlds from an alien incursion. The odds seem impossible, but the threat is terrifyingly real.

Megan finds Bash, but the person she’d known and loved is a husk of his former self. Bash is also held captive by her greatest enemy: Gregor Tarrant. Tarrant wants the Marauder too, even more than he wants her life, with motives less pure than her own. And he’s close to finding Megan’s most closely-guarded secret.

A race across space to reach the Marauder seems Megan’s best option. But this entity is far from benign, and the price for its secrets may be just too high. Megan should know, as she still bears the scars from their last encounter…



Well, that's the cat officially out of the bag. Tor are re-releasing print editions of my first five books, starting with the Shoal Trilogy (my third, fourth and fifth books respectively) in Spring of 2013, with te rest staggered over the next few months. Somewhere in there will be the release of Marauder (formerly known as River of Light), a standalone book set in the same universe as the Shoal books.

Here's the delectable cover art for the Shoal reissues, from the brush of the very, very talented Steve Stone.