Thousand Emperors out

That's The Thousand Emperors finally published in hardback. Final Days is also out in paperback, and may I say it's very classy-looking too. Technically the publication date is 7 June, but of course you can get them already. The Kindle editions will of course only become available on that date.

It's worth mentioning again that even though Thousand Emperors is technically a sequel to Final Days, the connection between the two is fairly tenuous. Thousand Emperors is set some centuries after the events in Final Days, but it's designed so it can be read as a standalone - which is one reason why it doesn't mention anything on the cover about it being a sequel.

I'm thinking it's high time I actually built myself a proper website. I have a domain name, garygibson.net, which only points to this blog. I haven't been updating the blog that much - at the moment you're more likely to find me on Twitter- so I thought the best thing to do was come up with a website with static elements (information about me, my books, contact details and so forth), along with automatically updating elements such as Twitter and this blog. Before that happens, I need to find myself a good, attractive and easy to update template.

I'd like to write more on the blog, but the fact I haven't been doing so much here is a reflection of how much busier I've become in my writing otherwise, which is of course a good thing. If anyone knows of good sources for reasonably professional templates that incorporate Web 2.0 elements along with static pages, let me know. 


RFYork said...


Is this going to be available in the US? It seems like my old favorite The Book Depository will no longer ship UK books to the US. Nor will they ship UK books ahead of their US release, if they have one.

It's a shame. I used to count on them for either pre-US publication delivery and, particularly books that never get published in the US.

I guess the Publishers got on their case.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

It's hard to be sure from this end. if things have changed, it could be because Book Depository are now owned by Amazon. A damn shame if that is the case.

I'm guessing the kindle edition at least will become available at some point in the nearish future. As far as the hardback goes, there's another international free shipping company that might be worth trying - aphrohead.com. I'm out of touch with physical book deliveries these days because I'm all about the ebooks now, so if anyone else reading this has any ideas, please do leave a comment.

RFYork said...

Thanks Gary,

I checked them out and, unfortunately, they don't - at least yet - have The Thousand Emperors.

I fear you are right about the Book Depository. Since being bought out by the great beast, they are near useless.

I love/hate Amazon because their low book prices allow me to feed my habit but, I don't like the way they are starting to dominate publishing. It's not healthy.


Liviu said...

The Thousand Emperors is available in the US at the Kindle store as of today - got myself a copy of course and plan to read it starting tonight and review it on Fantasy Book Critic next week sometime.

Did a quick refresher in Final Days too last night.

Angelo Ventura said...

I'm reading Thousand Emperors, right now, and I'm just loving it! I like your style very much, and I really appreciate your mentioning of latest exoplanet discoveries such as "Hot Jupiters"! My compliments from a dedicated science fiction reader who has read all and is glad to find something new and refreshing like your books!

Unknown said...

Hi Gary,

Sadly I have only just discovered your books. I'm living in Germany and stumbled upon "Final Days" in a tiny English speaking part of a huge book store. I read it in two days, I loved it. Are you going to do I direct sequel to it? I feel that I need to know more about everything!

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Adilee - Thousand Emperors is about as much of a sequel as you're going to get, I'm afraid, but if you haven't read it you should know it does directly address the fate of certain characters featuring in Final Days, and should thereby provide you with some enlightenment regarding the background story.

Unknown said...

Ah ok, perfect. Thank you, it is definately next one my list to read. Follow closely by the Shoal Sequence.

Keep up the awesome work!