waiting, waiting

Still waiting for the laptop to arrive, thanks to the vagaries of Royal Mail and the fact I won the bid over a bank holiday weekend. Managed to slam in a few details for the Stealing Fire synopsis during a break at work, which is horrendous right now; I'm the only designer there, and they really need more people to cope with the amount of work coming in. I've already passed up on continuing to do design work for the local bed company I was freelancing for for a while, since it's not really compatible with important fun stuff like writing books.

It's worth reiterating: Tor are behind the new book and releasing it in hardback largely due (it seems obvious to me) to the amount of time I was quite literally forced to spend working on it last year. I've slacked off on the writing front this year - no surprise there, given the circumstances - but I feel the need to pick up the pace a little. Before I start on book two, I really need to be clear on what's happening in book three. I have a couple of key points - including the very end - but they need firmly placed in a well-structured outline before anythign else.

Word up if you're a reviewer - I hear pre-release preview copies of Stealing Light are out and about, although I haven't received mine yet.

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