The Sony Vaio arrived, and it's a wee delight: it's exactly what laptops should be, but aren't - light, portable and small. And just the right size for writing on the move. It's tiny, but not too much so. Not bad for a hundred quid including postage.

I have one or two small quibbles still to be cleared up - the ebay seller specified it had a floppy disk drive: it doesn't. There's an external available, but it wasn't in the box. I'm not really concerned, since no one uses floppy disks anymore, but there is the all-important usb slot for memory sticks. The guy also slung in a small, compact case as well as a usb 4-way hub, so again pretty good for the money. I haven't had time yet to check out the available battery life, but I'm not expecting much anyway on that front. It also has a firewire port, which is good - means it should also work nicely with my external hard drive I use for back up.

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