Yay! Went to Hillhead Library (in the West End of Glasgow) and found Francis Fukuyama's Our Posthuman Future. Except now I've got it, I'm not sure it's precisely the right research material after all ...

Posthuman Future seems primarily about biogenetics, which is interesting, but then I realised what I'm really looking for, for hte security officer character, is biogenetics, plus cybernetics, bionics, etc. Mind you, I'm worried the whole 'weary warrior with added futuristic bits unable to refit into society' might actually turn out to be a bit hackneyed as plot ideas go? But at the same time, it didn't do Gibson any harm with Case, and the idea was old even then ... and again, I'm hoping the focus of the story will be more on The Theme I've been talking about. Perhaps if I'm a good enough writer, I can avoid these traps, if I'm careful.

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