Slow day, and so it should be, since I won't be working at the printers for the next couple of weeks. Mostly messing around with the www.gsfwc.cjb.net and shipbuilding.cjb.net websites, since it keeps me busy, helps me wake up etc etc. bunch of bikers went roaring past the window a while back, guess they're off for their hols. must have been maybe a hundred? (I live on part of a very long, very busy main road).

Writing-wise, I'm going to try and spend some time making revisions to Angel Stations. I'd meant to leave it 'til the new year, but after I flicked through a marked-up copy from someone at the writer's circle, I realised how many admittedly minor but no less horrendous glitches there were.

Wow! Just got a phone call from an old flatmate who's back home in Germany, social worker called Antje. She's doing okay. I gave her the phone number of our old, mutual flatmate Mike Cobley, who's in the middle of writing the Shadowkings trilogy for Simon and Schuster.

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