It's Midwinter Eve. Not Christmas Eve, because there's no such thing. Christians nicked the festival from the European natives and renamed it after their own Godhead. It's not about worshipping vague mid-eastern tribal deities, it's about hanging out with friends and giving each other presents because it gets very dark and very cold (at least where I live), so you need something to cheer you up.

Inspiration has slowly been trickling in for Against Gravity. What I have so far is an Idea, but I'm not yet sure what the actual Story is. Meaning, I know the vague backstory, but I'm not yet sure of the more specific details of the plot, the what-happens-and-then-what-happens of it all. Curiously enough, I do get some inspiration from reading other writer's back-cover blurbs on their books. I may have a go at writing one for Against Gravity, since if I come up with something that sounds compelling and exciting, then maybe that means the idea is compelling and exciting too ...

Still working my way through some minor but, as it turns out, very necessary corrections to Angel Stations. Noted to my annoyance there's already a book called Angel Station (singular)_by Walter Jon Williams, listed on Amazon. Bah.

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