The paperback of Survival Game is out now.

The paperback of Survival Game, the sequel to Extinction Game, is published in the UK today! And if you prefer ebooks, the price of the Kindle edition has dropped as well. So if you don't have it already, go git it

If you're in the US, you've got a little while to go - the paperback won't be out there until July. But if you want to preorder on Amazon, go here.

I also have an article up at Torbooks.co.uk about the writing of the book. No, wait, that's a lie. It's got nothing to do with the writing of the book. Sort of. Maybe. Well actually, it's about the question every writer but me hates to answer, which is where ideas come from. And that means brain science. Read it here

Here's some reviews to put you in the mood:
  • Gibson's take on two thoroughly familiar tropes (Cold War + apocalypse) is actually quite refreshing ... The prose is also satisfyingly good - FantasyLiterature.com
  • Gibson’s artful worldbuilding sets the stage(...)it is the emotionally-driven characters and their curiosity about alternate possibilities that makes this story so compelling. - amazingstoriesmag.com
  •  If you like SF romps combined with an exploration of a solid SF trope wrapped up in a high-powered adventure then you'll love Gary Gibson's Survival Game. - Concatenation.org
  • This is exactly the kind of SF I enjoy – thoughtful and intelligent, yet action-packed with great ideas. - sffworld.com
  • Gibson turns the genre on its head ... He excels at depicting real-feeling destruction and the tenacity and weaknesses of survivors, along with the moral wrestling of survivor guilt. This potent, teeth-gritting SF thriller shows death and love only a shadow away from our ordinary lives -- Publishers Weekly starred review of Extinction Game (Book One)

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