Blurb for Final Days

Here's the blurb for my next book, from Tor UK's own newsletter (via Cybermage):

From Tor UK: Final Days by Gary Gibson follows the lives of a few key characters as a cataclysmic event is unleashed in Earth’s near future. This is a twenty-third-century thriller revolving around the slow uncovering of a conspiracy that irrevocably dooms the Earth, set against a backdrop of interstellar colonies. The story takes advantage of current cutting-edge ideas about the creation of artificial wormholes for interstellar travel, and their implications for practicable time travel. Action-packed and fast-paced, this is a thrilling SF adventure and a wonderful start to Gary’s new series.


Orin Thomas said...

Hi Gary,

Sounds fantastic. What is the approximate time frame for release?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Blarkon - based on what the Tor newsletter said, April next year. Mind you, they've been released in July the past couple of years, so it might turn out to be that instead. Soon as I have a firm date it'll appear on the blog somewhere.