Typhoon Sinlaku

Usually, if I stand on the front door veranda and look to my right, I can see over the top of an elevated motorway beyond the end of the street (being on the sixth floor as I am) to a riverside park; except today there is no riverside park, because it appears to be underwater, and that's because we're in the middle of an enormous typhoon (Typhoon Sinlaku) that passed over Japan on its way to Taiwan and the South China Seas.

Whenever there's a typhoon - and there's usually several around here of varying force throughout the year - everything pretty much shuts down for a day or so until it's past. Yesterday most of the shops and offices were closed throughout Shida, but me and Emma headed out anyway along with a few hardy others to grab cheap dan-bei and soya milk at a small poky eaterie just past Roosevelt Road. The wind was pretty intense, but not nearly as intense as it got after midnight. Right now the wind is gone, and we're left with what I'm assuming is torrential rain - ceaseless, unending torrential rain - that'll probably last the rest of the evening. It's fun, in a slightly twisted sort of way.


Anonymous said...

"ceaseless, unending torrential rain"

So just like being back in the UK then.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

It almost makes me nostalgic for home, E.

Mr Pineapples said...

hey Not wishing to chastise you as illiterate or uneducated but isnt it better to say:

"Emma and I..."

rather than your numbscull use of English where you go:

"..but me and Emma..."

Oh Me Gawd....Mr P just cringes when He sees this murdering of the English language.

By all means - pay a visit to my Blog, sit at my feet


Anonymous said...

Literate people generally avoid the use of 'I' as the second member of an objective phrase, Mr Pineapple.

paul f cockburn said...

Unless you're the Queen, allegedly.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when your parents don't send you to school.

Anonymous said...

people who spend too much time being critical of other peoples grammar have one of 2 issues.

Firstly they have a lot of time to spend looking and having a go at other peoples grammar due to a complete lack of social skills and the complete abscence of any actual solid fleshy friends instead of those on facebook, and secondly it takes there mind of the endless pursuit to try and lose that elusive virginity!!

You all know who you are now piss off and leave people who dont care alone!!

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Dear Mr Pineapple,

while not wishing to engage you too deeply on the issue of my distinctly colloquial and admittedly frequently unedited approach to writing on my own blog, I feel I would be deeply remiss if I failed to point out that not only did you fail to punctuate 'isn't', but you further compounded this error by then misspelling 'numbskull'.

One must practice what one preaches, Mr Pineapple, before casting aspersions upon others.