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I was interested to discover earlier today that the news of Pan MacMillan's experiment with non-DRM ebooks has been spreading; to my knowledge I was the first to bring it to public attention in the Mobile Read forums. From there it spread to a couple of items at Teleread, with this piece grabbing my interest in particular; it has a link to a demo video by the makers of the stanza ebook software showing, amongst several others, Stealing Light. The image you can see is a screengrab taken from the video, of an iphone running the software (the picture is from Teleread).


Anonymous said...

I just bought Stealing Light and started reading it on Stanza. It's fantastic!! I love reading on my iPhone!

Do you know any other books they will be releasing without DRM?

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Hi Andreau, to my knowledge any ebook published by Pan MacMillan is DRM-free, *as long* as you buy it direct from www.panmacmillan.com. If you buy it from another source, the chances are it has DRM.