Nice ebook reader, shame about the DRM

So the Amazon Kindle sold faster than a very hot thing on the hottest day of July; kind of proves my point really, given that it apparently sold out. I'm actually pretty surprised myself, the technology aside, given that it's a)butt-ugly and b)DRM'ed up to the eyeballs. I love the concept, I love the technology, but so often the actual implementation's a bitch after it's worked its way through a room full of foaming-at-the-mouth copyright lawyers.

So here's what I think is going to happen next:
  1. Somebody hacks the DRM on the Kindle two weeks from now: it'll be the unlocked IPhone all over again.
  2. Come the New Year, Sony and Iliad dramatically reduce the cost of their own (though DRM-free, to my knowledge) ebook readers, which currently cost twice as much at minimum as the Kindle.
I picked up a copy of the new SFX magazine on my way through Waverley Station in Edinburgh today and, lo and behold, there's me plastered all over a full page with an interview next to me, which is cool. And my jacket looks shiny.

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Paul said...

Both your suggestions are such dead-certs that there's not a bookie in the land who knew what you were on about who'd take a bet on either.

I knew there was a reason I liked your books - you're a cynic too. ;)