Interzone, BBC and violence

Picked up the new Interzone today, with a picture of me next to my interview looking kind of rough. They used the dodgy photobooth pic of me I originally sent to Pan because, well, I couldn't be bothered going all the way down to London in order to have more pro shots done by whoever they use. One day I'll do something about it ... when I can be bothered. But in the meantime, I've been thinking about paying a friend who's a photographer a couple of tenners to do something at least halfway decent I could give out for those rare publicity occasions, with the advantage I don't have to go south. But the interview - on a casual glance through it - seems pretty cool, and in fact Andrew Hedgecock's done a really nice job of editing on the whole thing.

The plan to bugger off out of the country for at least a couple of months and possibly longer, depending on circumstances, continues apace. The next week will consist of booking a plane ticket for January and getting a visa sorted out.

Just back from a meeting earlier today at the BBC - I haven't been saying much about this one because I wasn't sure if it was going ahead or not, but apparently it is. I know a script editor Lizzy Gray through the scriptwriting group, and she - along with a couple of other people in the local Beeb - have been given some small funds to make a couple of very, very short dramas - not for broadcast, but purely as a kind of internal exercise for BBC staff in producing, editing, whatever. So they're doing one of mine, with the filming sometime in December.

It's only one minute long (!), very, very, very violent (we hope) and no, I don't get paid for it. But it's fun, and that's what counts. I suspect the chances of it actually being broadcast are leaning fairly strongly in the direction of 'very unlikely' but it does mean if anybody ever asks me if I'd thought of scriptwriting, I'll soon be able to say with absolute honesty that I've written a BBC drama and seen it made. That's ... one minute long.

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