Heh. I've been trying to get my stuff together for my accountant (at last!) so I've got a clear field to finish Stealing Light by the end of the year, and while sorting through a mound of papers I found a note sent to me by my agent, of a report from a guy who checks out books on the behalf of UK film agencies. I did mention this before, but very much in passing, but it's quite funny to read so I thought I'd stick it up here in it's entirety (well, almost, but you'll see what I mean):

Gary Gibson, Angel Stations

Fantastically expensive. Granted, quite a lot takes place indoors but there are places where you couldn't get away with anything less than big SFX. A dozen years of pushing XXXXXXXXXX's books garnered a load of reactions against SF in toto. Of the producers who would look at him, the Europeans were scared of in terms of cost and the Hollywood side didn't feel he was big enough. At the moment I guess you have to be Philip K Dick - a cult bestseller that only now are film-makers (and SFX technology) catching up with. This is a very promising debut and worth keeping an eye on. Hopefully salable before he's been dead 10 years!

... and wouldn't you just love to know who XXXXXXXXXX is?


Anonymous said...

Hm. The number of Xs sort of give it away, do they not?

Jim Steel

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Tut tut, Mr Steel, did you think you could catch me out so easily? The number of x's is entirely random, I'm afraid I have to inform you.