Okay, so Eastercon is around the corner (like everyone else has also been saying on their blogs) and I'm on precisely ... zero panels, actually, so I'll be, er, in the bar. I had been scheduled for one panel on the Friday evening, but as that clashed with something my own publishers were putting on, I felt like I should bow out. Which means I will very definitely be at the Tor UK event/party in Borders Books, about a block from Central Station in the city center, on Friday coming, starting about six thirty or so.

I'll also be at the Word Dogs event (organised by Mike Gallagher of GSFWC) at the Ingram Bar on Queen Street, from eight, on the Thursday before the con starts. This is a spoken word event, like the ones GSFWC have done with Writers Bloc from Edinburgh, and in the same vein a couple of the Edinburgh crowd will be reading material to a live pre-con audience. Whatever: see you at the con.

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