Well, here's something to warm the common edible European bivalve (or cockles to the rest of you): Angel Stations has made it into the British Fantasy Society's recommendations list for best novel of the year. You can find the list here. I get the impression the way it works is, this list of twenty-seven gets narrowed down to a shortlist of five, which then go forward to a final award. Considering I'm surrounded by the likes of Clive Barker, Stephen King and Lucius Shepard (not worthy), I'm not rating my chances of getting any further too highly, but that doesn't mean it's not very, very nice indeed to get this far. Thanks to Jim Steel for pointing this one out.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats and kudos to you Gary Gibson. You deserve to be in the top five as you are in a leaque with the best of the best. I have a proposition for you and the members of the Glasgow Science fiction Writers Circle. Should i contact you through to your new email address. I think you shall find it most intriquing.
Lexie Macdonald