I put down the novel-length manuscript I've been working on yesterday and battered out a four thousand word short story in one evening, which makes me feel nice and productive. It's a horror story, for a change, influenced by some of the stuff which has been coming into the Glasgow Science Fiction Writer's Circle over the past several weeks, and isn't the kind of thing I normally expect from myself: so there you go. I used to write a lot of short stories, but I gave it up when I realised, like a lot of people, that it's often easier to work on books. I think I've written, maybe, one other piece of short fiction in the past five years or so - also, curiously enough, a horror story. Except that doesn't really count either, since it was something I'd started about five years before that and never finished.

Got a letter through from the British Fantasy Society, regarding my appearance on the 'recommendations longlist' for their annual novel award, letting me know they're having a pre-award get-together in London at the beginning of July. I sort of fancy going, but actually getting down there and also finding a place to stay without blowing out the bank account isn't so easy. Probably, I'll just stay up north and wait for the Worldcon. So it goes.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the longlist recommendation, Gary. Remember, if you do travel down to London, your accommodatin can be a damned sight cheaper by taking a short train journey outside of the city. Pleny of pubs and B&Bs down this way.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Thanks for the tip, Neal, though I've managed to blag one or two offers of floors to kip on in central London, which helps. Mind you, everybody else in the universe seems to own cats, which for me is like living in a world where the Andromeda Strain won.