The only thing I really, really hate about being online (apart from spam) is that Google has ripped away any delusions over the idea that, somehow, I might be the only person in the world landed with the name Gary Gibson. If I've never been entirely fond of it at certain times of my life, it's partly because I've always been marginally suspicious of a name that sounds too much like a character from early Sixties Marvel comics (Peter Parker, Reed Richards, or even Clark Kent from DC). Now Google has revealed to me: Gary Gibson, the lonely hearts-seeking sailor who owns a houseboat in 'Frisco; the Gary Gibson Jazz Quartet; and most especially, Gary Gibson, author of Making Things Float and Sink (Fun with Science). Sounds like fun.

And no, we're not the same person.

However, you can now find me at this Amazon page, which will shortly be receiving a permanent link somewhere on the right (and very close to the top). I note with interest that even though the cover price is £10.99, Amazon will be doing it for only £7.69. Cheap!

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