Well, I got some good news. The rewrites on Angel Stations are in the clear - or at least that's what my agent told me - so it looks like the book will be coming out as a trade paperback in August 2004 (hey, just in time for the Edinburgh Book Festival ...), the mass market paperback (fly my pretties, fly) a year on from that.

Apart from that, the whole thing with trying to find an alternative name for the bad guys in Angel Stations is starting to get silly. I thought of Eden Alternative (either a low budget sf movie made in 1962, probably starring a porn actress, or else it's a fanzine as someone pointed out), then I thought of Hegira (it's just too Islamic, when the cult is supposed to be based around Western millenarianism.) Eden Faith (retired '60's singer).

I'm probably doomed. Current runners are: Edenate, which has a certain charm, except what would you call a member of the Edenate? I have a dark suspicion it would be an Edenist ... Or as a friend Craig suggested, I could give 'Eden' a suffix from another language - if a Russian one, then Edentsi.

Much thinking must be done.

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