Audiobook of Echogenesis coming soon

 This is not an attempt to restart the blog. Nor is it not an attempt to restart the blog. 

But the absolute shitshow over at Twitter shows how hard it can be to control your own voice when mediated through the commercialised portal of a lunatic billionaire with a fortune built on dodgy money. 

And I am still blogging, just primarily, indeed, just now, entirely, through my rather excellent newsletter. Both my blog and newsletter are, again, mediated through large, commercial concerns, MailChimp in the case of one, Google/Alphabet in the case of the other.  

That said, no reason I can't start posting the occasional piece of news up here, where I at least feel like I have some modicum of control: so. 

After a long series of delays, I recently signed a contract with Tantor Media to publish an audiobook of Echogenesis. 

Unlike the ebook, which is currently only on Amazon (once again, lunatic billionaire, inability to control own voice, etc, etc), the audiobook of Echogenesis will be wide. You'll be able to buy it on Audible, but all other audiobook platforms as well. And it'll be available, I understand, through library services. 

Right now, the only information I have about the release date is on Tantor's own page. But the date of release is January 17, 2023. The narrator is Andrew Dickson. 

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