Cover Art Reveal: Ghost Frequencies

Ian Whates of Newcon Press posted the artwork for Ghost Frequencies, amongst others, in just the last couple of hours, so I guess it's okay to talk about it here. GF is one of a set of four forthcoming novellas/short novels, with the others written by Ricardo Pinto, Adam Roberts and Hal Duncan - making a strong Scottish representation with three of us from north of the border.

The artwork, by Ben Baldwin, is created as a single piece and divided up between the four books. The art for Ghost Frequencies, therefore, is the first quarter of the painting - the ghostly lady in front of a burning mansion. I have to say that I think Ben has done a great job not only overall, but also of capturing the spirit of my own book. I can't wait to see it in print.

No word yet on the publication date, but as soon as I get it, and as soon as I feel able to speak more directly about the nature of the story itself, I'll post here.

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