Word on the Street is...

...that I've got another post up on Patreon. Alas! It's locked to patrons only. I KNOW. Walls are coming up ALL OVER THE INTERNET. It's a sign of the end-times, lemme tell ya.

In that latest Patreon post, I talk about:

  • Some publishing news regarding Extinction Game Three.
  • Progress on writing it, so far. 
  • To chapbook, or not to chapbook.

Never fear, I'm not locking away every blog post. I'll still be posting here in my generally erratic, when-I-get-round-to-it way. But why can't I share everything with you, you cry? Well, my friend, you need to be on the inside track these days. In with the in-crowd. Moving with the movers. So ask yourself: are you on the inside? Because if you are, you're already a patron.

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