Marauder out in paperback

Naturally, having updated people via Twitter and Facebook that something just came out from me, I neglected to also post it here, on my blog. So: the paperback of Marauder, the fourth Shoal book and a standalone set in that universe, is now out. It's a UK publication, but my books have been found not infrequently, state-side, in Barnes and Noble, and there are many small independent bookshops and specialist science fiction and fantasy stores scattered far and wide that undoubtedly have a very good chance of stocking it. In the UK, where it is primarily published, it is my fervent hope that you will soon become heartily sick of the sight of the thing staring out at you from bookstore shelves everywhere. For an idea of What It's All About, click on the 'books' link up above, and scroll down - having, naturally, first admired the cover of Extinction Game, due out in hardback and ebook mid-September. 

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Unknown said...

well a "paperback" is no good for me, so wen is the Audible one coming out?