Update on book launch, appearances, publication schedule

Marauder is officially released in a little under twenty-four hours, which means those of you who pre-ordered it to arrive on the day of release should have it tumbling through your doors pretty soon (and those of you who pre-ordered the digital edition should find it appearing on their Kindles pretty soon as well).

I'll be at the York Festival of Writing this weekend, speaking to a whole lot of would-be novelists. Next after that is the book launch for Marauder, which I already mentioned (the reason it's taking  place a week after publication is because of my prior commitment to the festival).

Apart from that, I'm only rarely emerging into the sunlight while I work on the final drafts of The Extinction Game, the next book after Marauder, featuring a new story, new settings and new characters. The work's pretty intensive at the moment. The deadline is the end of the month, and I'm working on the third draft, furiously re-editing roughly ten thousand words a day to make that deadline. I'll make it, by the skin of my teeth.

And apart from that, I've been indulging when I have the rare opportunity in some cycling. I've always cycled - only marginally because I never bothered to learn to drive - but recently it's become more of an obsession. I put this down partly to improved health, since I've always had some (minor compared to most people, but debilitating in their own way) health problems. But for some reason that appears to be diminishing recently. My hope is it stays that way. There are times when I've thought of blogging, but only really felt like writing about cycling. You may get some posts in the future on that subject.

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