More on Fergus Bannon's Judgement

A while back, I wrote about Judgement, by Fergus Bannon, a long-time member of the writer's circle and an old friend of mine. You might be interested to know I've taken advantage of Amazon US's new promotional trick of allowing for ebooks to be made free for a certain number of days over a particular period.

Well, I took advantage of it myself an hour ago in my capacity as the book's publisher, and in that short period of time Fergus's book shot to the No1 slot on Amazon US's Free SF ebooks chart and to Number 62 in the overall free Kindle books. So if you fancy trying it, now is the time, before the deal runs out. The link is http://amzn.to/vuMAkghttp://amzn.to/vuMAkg

Go Fergus!

(I should add that the book is still 86 pence on Amazon UK, a mere snip, may I say. However, it may be that given the time differential between here and the States, the freebie offer may kick in here in Britain from midnight. I will be watching with interest to see if that's the case). 

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