Some nice reviews for Final Days

Final Days has been out for a week or two now, and it's really heartening to see so many positive reviews already. I thought I'd stick one or two up here (at some point, I'm really going to have to think about expanding this blog into a proper website, with a page for each book, or something like that...).

Liviu Suciu, from Fantasy Book Critic: "While a loose sequel titled Thousand Emperors is scheduled for next year, Final Days is a standalone novel in all ways that matter and it is another very strong showing for the author."

Ove Jansson, at Cybermage: "a well written apocalyptic story that really engages once you get past the buildup."

Falcata Times: "Thought provoking, enticing and above all else a story that demonstrates the authors development through successive stories to become someone that is a sheer joy to read."

Mark Yon at SFFWorld: "I liked this a lot, in that it’s a plot-driven old-school type of tale with some great new ideas to make it work. I think this is Gary’s best to date, and look forward to the next in the series."

And I got my first review from the, er, Daily Mail, which took me by surprise: "...high-octane action, terrific future tech and a superbly imagined alien civilisation help to make this a page-turning belter from one of our best exponents of hardcore SF adventure."

Otherwise there's also a review in BBC Focus magazine, but there's no online version of it.

What's happening otherwise: I've spent the past few weeks doing very little of my own writing, but I'm starting to put together notes both for the next book - which is set in the same universe as Stealing Light and its sequels - and for some future projects, which I'm hoping will come out over the next several years. The Stealing Light book is going to be called either A River Across the Sky or River of Light; I haven't made up my mind which yet. As has been noted, there's a follow-up to Final Days, The Thousand Emperors, on its way next year, but it's worth mentioning again that it's not really a sequel as such; rather, both books are best thought of as stand-alone works set in the same universe. 


yoyoyoyoyo said...

I enjoyed the hell out of your novel Final Days, though I had to buy it from Amazon UK to get it here in Denver. And can't find any of your other stuff on the iTunes Bookstore. What gives!

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Well, I'm only published in the UK and a few other countries, not including the US, which is why, yoyo. It's my hope, however, that this state of affairs might change before *too* long.