Incoming, appearances, etc

Coming up: next week I'm one of several Tor writers taking part in the SFX Weekender down near Brighton way; it'll be my first full-on media type con (excepting Sci-Fi London last year, which I was only at for the day). Apart from myself, there'll be the likes of Peter F. Hamilton, China Mieville and others.

Later in the month on Saturday February 26th*,  I'll be at the excellent Plan B Books in Glasgow (5 Osborne Street, just across from 13th Note) for a live chat and Q&A along with Hal Duncan and Richard Morgan. See you there!

*Yes, I know the Plan B site says 19th February, but to my knowledge the date has been switched to the 26th.


RFYork said...

I have been trying to preorder "Final Days" on The Book Depository and, it doesn't show up. I can find it on both Amazon US & UK but, both show it as a 5 August publishing date.

If there is a delayed publication date from UK to US, I try to use The Book Depository because of their free worldwide delivery policy.

If the pub dates are identical, I go US.

Did I miss the change in publication date?

Rick York

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

If you did, I did too, Rick. Looks like it's August, after all.

RFYork said...

That's disappointing. I'm looking forward to it. And, I'm glad it's getting simultaneous UK and US publication dates. That should be good for you.

Best of luck. and, keep cranking them out for us.