half-price ebooks

If you're a reader of ebooks, you might be interested to know WH Smith's - a British chain of shops - are doing them all at half-price just now. That means you can pick up an ebook version of Stealing Light in epub format just now for three quid. It's drm-ed, mind. Over and out.


Gibbo said...

Hiya Gary,

Do you know if there are plans to release your two earlier titles as ebooks?.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

I'm not aware of any, and I suspect it's not likely any time soon, I'm afraid.

It's still early days for a lot of the big publishers when it comes to the increased interest in ebooks, and I suspect it's more likely Tor will focus on new books only. However, with Google and Amazon both saying they want to put every book ever written online, the day may yet come.