You Mean There's An Olympics This Year?

Because where I am, I can't even tell. And it's great, I tell you, great.


Gaark said...

Hi Gary!

I bought Stealing Light practically as soon as I saw it on the sci fi bookcase at my local Whitcoulls here in Auckland, New Zealand, and I have to say I'm itching to get my hands on Nova Light.

I also read the post about e-book readers, and it's sort of made me wonder if the dimly lit oaken panelled library I dream of having in a house one day is only going to need to have one small shelf ...

Anyhow, take care and keep safe, hope to see the new book soon!!

Jeff :)

Unknown said...

looks like youve reached out to another sci fi fan on the other end of the world! welldone mate and keep bringing on the updates :D