You're lazy, you just stay in bed

Three books in and the one time I finally decide to book a holiday, people decide they want to talk to me. Go figure. Got an interview on the phone on Tuesday and - still no sign of the copies of Stealing Light! Hal, apparently, had the same problem with Ink, when the publishers tried to get copies to him. I've now arranged for Tor to send the hardbacks of Stealing Light to his house, and I can just pick them up there. It's a hassle, but it might just incrementally increase my chances of seeing the f&&?*@g thing before I go on my hols. It's not like my house is hard to find.

Apart from that, I've been having a lazy weekend, possibly helped by the occasional ingestion of painkillers for my back pain, which is thankfully starting to fade. The most I've done for the past two days is: hang out, watch tv, browse the net, and sleep. How rock and roll is that?

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