And there it is - a hundred or so words on the paperback edition of Against Gravity (out in a week or so! If the bookshops haven't already just stuck it out on the shelves anyway), in today's Guardian newspaper. Here's hoping it boosts the sales a bit. You can find the review here, though you'll have to scroll down to see it. I love that Eric's described the book's denouement as 'brutally secular'. Here's a snippet:

In his second futuristic thriller, Gary Gibson builds on current trends to produce a convincing picture of the world in 2096 ... throughout, Gibson hints at spiritual salvation, but in keeping with the unrelenting materialism of the novel the denouement is brutally secular.

I should get business cards printed up saying Author - Writer - Brutal Secularist. In fact, it sounds like something you could get done for: 'Brutal Secularism'. Like I got medieval on God's ass.

(Update) All right ... a quick glance at the Amazon UK ranking for the mass market paperback shows it sitting nice and comfy in the top three thousand. That gets updated every hour, mind you, so it'll probably bounce all over the place ratings-wise, but I like to think the review will be helping. Like Cory Doctorow pointed out recently, an author's biggest worry isn't the potential effects of digital piracy, it's obscurity. If people don't know about your book, they ain't gonna buy it.

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