Anyone who's seen the version of the cover for Against Gravity in the most recent issue of Starburst will note it looks nothing like the artwork you can see here. This is the correct version: the version in Starburst is something that was put aside some time ago, but still found its way out there nonetheless. The artwork here is by Steve Rawlings, who also did the cover for Angel Stations. Frankly, I think it looks terrific.

Against Gravity is coming out on July 15th this year, in trade paperback, and the paperback of Angel Stations should be out at the same time.


Hal Duncan said...

Hmmm... I still think you need some lovely lurid yellow flowers around that semi-naked man for the full Pierre-et-Gilles effect. I'm terribly disappointed.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I think just having a cover is enough to be exicted about. But, speaking of covers, there are some bad ones

Anonymous said...

Gary..............Brilliant cover. Looking foward to the inside content

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover!!