I'm happy. I received confirmation today that the next chunk of my advance - for Against Gravity - is winging its way towards me.

I've started editing the first chunk of The Fracture. I had a mild crisis over the past few days over exactly what approach I wanted to take to it, and I'm tempted to give it a bit of a 'new weird' sheen. What do I mean? It's hard to say, actually; it's just a vague sense of how I'd like the story to read rather than anything I can yet clearly put into words, but I'll try. The obvious thing to do is provide some explanation for how some purported alternate reality accessing technology would work, and in fact there's plenty of lucid theory concerning quantum wormholes revolving around just how you might do precisely that. What I'm considering is a fictional situation where I don't in the least describe the means by which people access worlds. It's an attempt to not do the obvious skiffy thing, and do something maybe a little bit different. Or maybe I'll chicken out, and do the straight-up thing. Or, as straight-up as an opening scene featuring a bank heist, wormholes, bottomless suitcases, and the Cheshire Cat can be.

Here's something I'd like to ask you. Who reads this blog? Something got me thinking along these lines quite recently, and it would be nice to know if anyone is reading this on anything even remotely approaching a regular basis beyond the two people whom I happen to know personally. It took me a bit of work, but I managed to get the comments on this blog working at last (I changed from my previous non-entry-specific external comments system to blogger's own, and had to do some tinkering since their comments system was optimised specifically for their new range of templates rather than my semi-homebrew variety).

If you can add a comment below to let me know that you do drop by, even from time time, I'd very much appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I do. (Rory)

Joe Clifford Faust said...

Gary - I have you on my Bloglines account, which alerts me whenever you have a new post. So I'm a regular drop-in, too. JCF

Anonymous said...

I know your feeling of "Who reads my blog?" I subscribe to you through Bloglines and read your updates. You can find me at:

Wading Through The Mire

P. Stocks

Anonymous said...

I read it, and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

I only came acorss your blog yesterday, but I like what I've read so far enough to add your site to my blogroll at http://sfwrtier.uni.cc. Congrats on your book sale btw!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog. I write as well, though I haven't caught my "big break" yet.


Karen Lee said...

Congratulations on getting Against Gravity published.

I came here through a link on someone else's blog. Just thought I'd let you know.

Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

Thanks to you all. I was getting curious to know who was out there, so it was nice to get some feedback.

Anonymous said...

I read it too (probably because I'm your bother) David

Anonymous said...

I read your blog whenever I remember about it, and good stuff it is too. It's encouraging!