Sigh. I was going to go see Dave Gorman at the Edinburgh Festival but it's sold out. In the meantime, I've been reading a book by his ex-flatmate Danny Wallace, 'Join Me', which I greatly recommend. I'd try and tell you what it's about, but you probably wouldn't believe me ... it's a non-fiction book (really) and has a website at www.join-me.co.uk.

The heat is leaving me feeling run down. Hottest day ever, possibly since the Earth formed, on Sunday, despite which I plough ahead with the rewrite on Against Gravity. I wait with trepidation the outcome of my flat-buying activities. By the end of this week I may have bought a house, or more likely not; nonetheless, the possibility is there. If it does work out, you can all come to my flatwarming party. All of you. Yes, even you.

The other week, I received an email of the cover and back cover blurbs for Angel Stations, which make for interesting reading. Their suggestion for the cover quote is 'A race against time -- to rescue the only other world with intelligent life from galactic disaster'. Well, it's certainly dramatic. I was hoping for 'a devastating work far surpassing the total outcome of science fiction novels to date', but they seem to have ignored that one. The back cover blurb is surprisingly similar to the one I came up with myself, but I won't be posting that here until it's been finalised.

In the meantime, and if there's nothing on t'telly and you're stuck for something to read, let me heartily recommend Iain Banks' 'Dead Air', which I just finished myself. Quite possibly among the finer of his mainstream works.

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